Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Finally My New Goodies................

So finally I got around to getting some pictures of my new I walked around my house I was trying to remember what is new because some of the stuff I have had for a couple months. And I am not very good with a camera when getting new items because as fast as I get home they go up. I went a little over board with the pictures but hey once I started I couldn't stop! Hope you enjoy!

So first I got my new yellow cupboard. I really enjoy it. I also purchased some pewter from ebay and decided to put it in there. I like how the barn red back ground makes the pewter pop.

New brown crock bowls I purchased at a flea market for $6 for the set. I have an addiction to bowls!!! I am going to keep expanding my collection this weekend when I head up North!

I love the brown bowls on the top.

My new pewter. I think I will be seeing more of this as I really enjoy collecting it.

I purchased this lamb & basket from Dana at Homespun Treasures. She has some awesome stuff and all of it is scented so nicely!! Thanks Dana I love the lamb! Also had some easter bunnies but they long put away!

Old books I purchased at a yard sale! Very cool reading them and how old they are!

Pineapple's I purchased when I went to Shipshewana the end of May. They aren't were I want them but I will eventually find the right place for them.

Ok so this is my new stoveboard I made. My flash on my camera kept giving me a huge glare on it so I did it from an angle. I really like to cover up my fireplace for the summer.

I purchased this bowl full of grubby fruit from ebay and also some more new books from the yardsale.

My summer display on my stove board. Purchased the watermelon slices from ebay and I made the huge slice on the old scale from a piece of wood from my father-in-laws tree.

My basket that I got from Hobby Lobby, Cherry's I got from Target. Box Wood Wreath came from Janet at Winter Willow Primitives. She has some awesome stuff if you haven't checked her out please do so. Prairie Bonnet is from Ebay.

My redware hooked rug from the internet! I love them and keep adding them slowly to my decor!

My new large dough bowl that I also bought in Shipshewana. Love it. Also purchased the dried gourds from the same booth!

My hutch out in my 4 season's room. I need to paint it badly but just haven't gotten to it just yet.

My new 6 arm candle mold that I purchased in Shipshewana. I could have brought that whole booth home with me.

Wild Turkey feathers from my brother-in-law. He shot it so I asked him if I could have some feather's from it before he through it to the coyotes. We only eat the breast from them as the rest of the meat is to tough.

My spice drawer that I purchased at the goodwil for $2 was already painted so I didn't have to do anything to it!!!

My antique slicer that I purchased from an antique store in downtown Shipshewana for $12. Went uptown that day with $13 and bought that for $12 so I came home with a dollar!!! I love Shipshewana and look forward every year to go. If you haven't been you should go, the shops downtown are gorgeous and I just found a couple prim shops so that is where I will be headed next year when I go again!

Anyways that's it for me today! Hope you all enjoyed seeing my new goodies!

Have a great Canada Day & 4th of July!

Have a good one!



  1. Hi Lynnly, Really neat yellow shelf, I have this thing for shelfs and cabinets, looks really good with the pewter on it. I purchased a whole set of that very same pewter, just love it. The dough bowl you found looks great on your table, have a thing for wood bowls also, fell in love with gouards last fall, they are just really neat with the different shapes. I love your table looks so good in there. I got new goodies also last week when I went up to see about fall handmades, gotta bring something home can't come back empty handed. LOL Just love your house , thanks for sharing. Have a great 4th, Vicky

  2. Oh my....that yellow shelf is exactly the style I have been swooning over! I have pictures of two of them saved on my computer. It is gorgeous and the pewter is wonderful in it as are the old books! Everything looks awesome Lynnly!

    Please feel free to copy any piece of furniture you see in my home ...none are exclusives or originals except my kitchen buttery. If you need any dimensions or other pictures of the one you asked about you can message me at ok?

    Have a great weekend! HUGS!

  3. Oh WOW! You have lots of lovely things and I'm drooling! Want to take me shopping some time since we both live in Ontario? lol. Thanks for inspiring me and have a wonderful Canada Day!!

  4. Everything looks great. Love your new cupboard.....can I ask where you purchased it?
    Have a great fourth......oh,stop by my blog I'm having a huge giveaway.


  5. Simply Beautiful New Goodies!! Your new yellow cupboard is gorgeous! Your displays are so pretty. Loved my visit ;0) Thanks for sharing

  6. Love that yellow cupboard! You have some wonderful goodies. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Wonderful new goodies! I love your new cupboard, the pewter looks perfect in there! Thanks for sharing, everything looks beautiful!:)

  8. I just found your blog Lynnly and I love it as much as I do your name. You have such a beautiful home from what I have seen so far. I can't wait to look thru your old posts. Your new cupboard is to die for.
    Well I'm off to look around some more.