Friday, August 12, 2011

Feels Like Fall...............

Hello everyone, I am patiently awaiting the fall to arrive. Getting up in the mornings when it's about 55 degree's outside makes me so want the fall to arrive. I see more and more fall decor coming out in the stores. The kids have 4 weeks before they head back to school. Both of my kids will be in school this year and they are both so excited to head back to school and to start school for my daughter.

I usually get my stuff out the last week of August and have it put up just before Labour Day. I always take the last 2 weeks of August off so I like to do it while I am off and before the kids head back to school.

Summer seems to fly by. It's kind of crazy that once July is gone the summer is over in no time and things get back to normal. This September is going to be hectic for me, my husband has been accepted onto the local Police Department so he will be heading to Ontario Police College for 3 months. It's an exciting time for us as we have been waiting for this since last October when he applied with them. It's a very long process but well worth the wait when at the end you are hired! My daugther also starts Junior Kindergarten as well with my son going into Grade 2. I have 3 people to get ready for school this year. And I am going to be on my own from September 6th to December 1st. He will be able to come home for the weekends but we all know how fast they go, this is going to fly bye and he will be home with us in no time! I am excited for him and very proud of him all the hard work he has done to be a Police Officer has finally paid off!

Well I will leave you with some fall pics that I found that I just love and are really getting me into the fall mood!

Take care & have a good one!



  1. hi, Lynnly
    Giving me ideas to pull out the autumn colors~
    seems like time just goes by so fast~ No way it can be getting time for the children to go back to school~
    Congrats to you Hubby~

  2. Hi Lynnly,
    You sure are right about the summer flying by..The fall is a pretty time of year but it is a hectic time in the shop and I really can't enjoy it because they rush the Xmas season....stressful time!! Congrats to your Husband! Enjoy your free time when everyone is back in school.

  3. Hi Lynnly!...I just wanted to say thank you for visiting my blog and for the kind words about my home decor!...I hope you are having fun with your decorating too!...enjoy the weekend!


  4. Hey Lynnly!!! I was just checking in with you, hope all is well and to let you know that yes we are having a fall open house which is on sept.30th thats a friday at 7pm, I soooo hope you can make it this time and you are welcome to bring someone! the more the marrier. Let me know if you think you can come out! Lori and I would love to meet you, that would be pretty cool. Hope to hear from you soon and if you can make it I will give you my address, ttyl Heather