Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Great Giveaway!

In honor of the arrival of Spring, and to thank all of the followers of our new A Primitive Place Magazine blog, APP is having a very special blog giveaway! The winner will receive one of these wonderful tobacco baskets made just for the winner by our friend Pam from BasketNPrims. This 14" basket is based on the larger style once used to carry tobacco to market

So go on over to A Primitive Place to sign up for the giveaway! You click on this link http://aprimitiveplacemagazine.blogspot.com/ to be entered. Make sure to read the rules as they are pretty simple!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Red Ware and a New Buttery................

Well Spring is 5 days away and I am so counting down the days. Most of the snow is gone now and all my spring flowers are up through the mulch and some have heads on them. This week on Thursday it's suppose to be a high of 17 ah I can't wait to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. I have been keeping a close eye on the buds on the forsythia bushes because I will be making sure to cut some and bring them into my home. I love the bright yellow flowers in the spring time. This week some time I hope to get out and paint my door box black or tan so then I can hang it up with some forsythia in it for the spring.

I purchased some redware from Janet at Winter Willow Primitives and I love it. What a nice change it was to my corner hutch. I love the pitcher I purchased and can't wait to use it for some fall decorating. And the willow tree plate is just a nice touch to the pitcher. I want to continue my collection of redware so when I find pieces I like I will try to purchase them but it is a costly collection so little by little it will grow.

I have also made some changes to my hutch in the kitchen. I kept looking at it and never really liked it in the first place how I had it decorated just seemed so cluttered and to much mixed stuff on there so last Thursday night I decided I wanted to change it up and see what I could do to create a buttery for myself. After seeing Linda's at Behind My Red Door change over in her kitchen I thought I might be able to come up with something. I still do need to put divider's up in it but that will come once the warm weather comes. As well as some small crocks to go with my large ones! That will take some hunting. Hey but I am always up for antique hunting!! Who isn't when they love the prim style.

Here it is last Christmas with so much clutter yes I know the christmas stuff just adds alot to it but just take away the christmas stuff and yuck. To much small nicky nack stuff so...................

..............here it is now clean and organized. Soon as I add the divider's it will look more like a buttery I think. I loved Audrey's buttery in the Spring Addition of A Primitive Place.

I want to add some stuff in the back but not sure just yet what???? That is why I hope to find some more small crocks or jugs then I can put the big one's in the back and have the small one's out front. So what do you think???

Some other great news.............................we are going to having a new addition to our family Easter weekend. I can't wait and am so excited. 5.5 years ago we lost our beloved Chocolate Lab Dallas. She was everything to us and was a huge part of our family. I miss her so much and still cry when I think about her. She would have been the best pet anyone could ask for but she crossed the road to get a dead rabbit and someone hit her. The person never stopped and how could someone hit something so big and not stop to see what it was???? Heartless people out there that is forsure. It broke my heart to have to say goodbye to her but after a long 5.5 years we have decided it is time to bring home another addition. She was born March 7/11 along with 6 other brother & sisters. Now out of the litter we aren't sure which one we will be taking but one of them. We get 2nd pick so that is good. My brother-in-law's black lab Paisley had the pups. 4 chocolates & 3 blacks. They are so tiny and brand new, just 12 hours old in the picture.

Introducing Jersey Hoskins she's one of the chocolate babies. Soon enough we will be able to pick her out and put a collar on her until she's ready to come home with us!

Well that's about it from my neck of the woods! Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather.

Have a good one,


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring has popped up at the Hoskins' Homestead

Things have been busy around the Hoskins' Homestead. I just registered my daugther for school. I can't believe she will be starting JK in September. Where has the time gone? She is so excited to go, mom on the other hand well it will be nice to see the daycare bills go down but not to see my baby start school.

My son has kept us busy with hockey. It's been on-going since August so needless to say I am ready for a break. He lives for it and counts down the days for when he plays again. I can't believe how good he is from August. He's a natural and who knows maybe he will be the next Sydney Crosby! These pics are from his first home game and he scored the first goal of the game. It's so fun to watch them play at this age!

It has taken me about a week to get my Spring Decor out of the tote. I got the tote out but than just sat there looking at it. With it still snowing here in Blenheim, who is really thinking Spring?? I know I wasn't but wishing it would just hurry up and get here. This weekend the temps are suppose to be in the 50's so that will eliminate most of the snow we have laying around. I can't wait until I can sink my hands in to the soil and clean up my gardens! Gardening feeds my soul.

So take a look at my little vignette's I have created around our home. I am not completely done just got out some of my stuff so far. I hope to finish up this weekend with the nice weather coming!

These 3 bunnies I got at Piper Classics. I love them they are such a cute little family!

And this rabbit is from Olde Farm Creek Primitives. She is so cute with her egg basket.

When I finish I will take more pics and post them. I hope also to get some pics of my new redware I purchased from Janet at winterwillowprimitives . If haven't checked out her website I tell you its a must do. She has great stuff and great prices and quick shipping to boot! I love it!!!

Hope you all have a great week!! And hope the sun is shining and the temps are going to raise in your neck of the woods!

Have a good one!