Sunday, January 30, 2011

Some of my favorite finds for under $20....a kidless weekend......and a little bit of snow!

This past weekend my husband and I had a kid free weekend. My in laws took our 2 children up North with them for the weekend to spend it with Aunt Bre & Uncle Mark. The kids had a blast with snowmobiling, sledding and going to an outdoor carnival. I guess they didn't want to come home. My husband and I had a nice quiet weekend to ourselves. We went to dinner and to the movies. Wow I forgot what it was like to not have kids around. I missed the kids but we needed that time for ourselves that is forsure. I feel refreshed but now it's back to reality. As we sit and paiently wait for this massive snow storm that is going to be dropping in on Tuesday afternoon through to Wednesday afternoon. I can hardly wait to see how much we actually get if they are right and we get 30 cm YIKES. We got hit on Saturday with about 5 inches so needless to say I think we have enough snow. I don't remember having this much snow in a long time. But here are some pics from around the house. I will take some more pics after Wednesday to compare. I know that this doesn't compare to some of the states that have gotten alot more but this is alot for us.

Well I finally got around to charging my camera it's been sitting on the counter full of pictures of some of my great finds for under $20. I love hunting for stuff at antique malls, yard sales and just people's old sheds. I have been pretty lucky with people just giving me items that they no longer want because it's old or they don't want the junk sitting around anymore. Like the saying goes "One man's junk is another man's treasure!" Isn't that the truth for us antique hunters.

Over the past year I have decluttered alot of my home and trying to follow what Linda from Behind my red door says "Less is More". I love so many people's houses and the different decorating that everyone does. I hope that some day I can have a beautiful home like some of you other bloggers but for now I will enjoy my home the way it is and just make it as cozy as possible and keep changing things around until I get them just so..............even though I know we are all always tweaking aren't we!!! wink wink!

So here are some of my great finds..................................beware there are alot of pics on this post! I can't even tell you which one is my favorite just that they are all my favorite! They all have different meaning to me and some are from special people and some not but they are all great to me. Anything old and used with a little bit of history is a favorite to me!

My very first dough board I got for $20 from an antique barn. I loved it and it fit perfect on my stove!

Here is my very first prairie doll that I attempted to make. I think she turned out pretty good. I love her sitting in my molds I have!

Some of my rolling pins! My family think it's funny that I have a whole crock full of them. They just don't get my collections but oh well I enjoy collecting them!

These are 2 of my old favorite chairs that I purchased from yet another neighbor of my parents for $10 for the pair of them. They have so much character to them. They both belong to her grandmother so I know for sure they are old because I remember her mother but not her grandmother. I wish back then I would have known about all this old stuff and enjoyed it as much as I do now.

Here is my crock collection or some of it anyways! I love crocks of all sizes and shapes! My largest crock which is a 12 gallon I bought from my parents neighbor for $5!!! Yep you heard me $5. Her husband bought it for her for pickles but she can't lift it so she put it outside by the shed. I was walking through my parents back yard and seen it. So I thought I'd ask if she was interested in selling it. I was shocked and couldn't get it in my van fast enough. It is cracked but hey I don't mind I am not using it for canning just decorating!

Hope you all enjoyed seeing some of my favorite finds! Have a safe and warm week! Hoping that we don't get snowed on to much!!!

Have a good one!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What Love Means to me...............

What does love mean to me? Well it means alot of different things to me for instance you can love in so many different ways and sometimes you think how can you possibly have enough love for everyone in your life?? Well that is simple because you love everyone differently. Like the love for your husband or wife is different love than what you have for your children!

I have a story about love that recently happened to me. I was over at my parents and my husband called me as he was at a meeting. I talked to him and then hung up. My dad said "how come you didn't say I love to him when you hung up?" "Well every time I talk to him I don't say I love you, I never have it's just not a word that I want to throw around all the time." "I like to use it when I feel it most and it to mean something when it comes out." Love to me is a very serious word and should mean something when you say it.

I always love when my daugther comes and up and says "I love you mom!" or my son before he goes to bed gives me a big hug & kiss and says "I love you mommy!" It just makes my heart melt!

The pictures below represent love to me!

Hope you all can find a little love in your life to share! As we always have some to give!

Thanks Dan over at Yesterday Once More for such a great idea!

Love is the best gift!

Have a good one!