Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More Fall Decor Inside & Out!

On Saturday afternoon I finally got around to completing my diningroom table in my 4 season's sunroom. That is where we dine for family functions as we have so much more room in there. I enjoy having the table out there alot.

So take a look at my pics of my tablescape for fall!

My turkey I purchased at Home Goodes. I have been looking for one for a while now and finally found one that was a little more prim than some of them.

My table consists of one large white pumpkin, one small orange pumpkin, gourds, fake acorns (i purchased at Hobby Lobby), pinecones, little tarts filled with putka pods, a brown crock filled with fall foilage that smells wonderful and 2 pewter candles stick holders with cinnamon covered tapers.

Isn't my turkey the cutest! I usually find them a very ugly bird at least the Tom's are when they are strutting (this is what they do when they are trying to pick up a Hen). Good thing men don't look like then when they are trying to pick a women b/c it would be a huge turn off! LOL!

Ok I have a little story to tell you we live out by a small zoo which they have turkey's in a large fenced in area. Well this past summer we were out there for my husband's parents 30th anniversary party. With my son being the big turkey hunter he thinks he is (keep in mind he's 6) he started acting like a female turkey (a hen) and was making the noise of one well let me tell you the 3 male's went crazy and were struttin their stuff. I found out after watching them that when they strut their beards turn bright red from when they aren't strutting they are blue. It was really neat to see them like that but man are they ugly!

That is why I wanted to make sure my turkey was cute, not ugly!

Another shot with the candles going. Is so pretty out there this time of year!

Now we move to the Out Door's or should I say back door. With me hosting Thanksgiving this year everyone uses the backdoor. No one ever comes on the front porch to enter my home so I thought yesterday I should do something to the backdoor and have it festive to match when you come in the house. So this is what I came up with. I could decorate all day with fall stuff it's so much fun especially when you live in the country and have access to mother nature!

I had to get a yellow mum, it's just gorgeous and so vibrant at the backdoor and lots of different pumpkins and gourds!

Doesn't that squash look cool, its in the shape of the pumpkin but is all rough. I love the different items that you can get for the fall.

So that is the finish to my fall outdoor decorating. Just a small little gathering to greet all whom enter at my backdoor!

Hope everyone enjoys this beautiful time of year! Pretty soon the leaves will all have fallen and mother nature will be sprinkling the white stuff on us!

Have a blessed day!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall Outdoor Decor

Well Saturday ended up to be a gorgeous day so I put on my rubber boots and went out and began my decorating for fall. I enjoyed it alot being out soaking up the sun knowing that pretty soon we won't be outside with short sleeves on and enjoying the warm sun.

First pictures are of my daughter's play house. She loved that I decorated it for her.

The window box was so much fun to be creative with!

Sideview of the playhouse. Got the old wagon from my parents neighbor.

Close up of the window box, you can see me in the window which wasn't suppose to happen but it was so sunny out that I couldn't see the pics on my camera all that well until I got in and put them on the computer!

Next is my front flower bed by the road that everyone see's as they drive bye. It's always a fun place to decorate.

My rusty old wheelbarrow that I filled with some pumpkins, gourds & a nice orange & burgundy mum! Like the bee skeep in there just to add another colour.

Close up of the rusty wheelbarrow filled up with delicious fall eye candy!

My front porch, we sit in these rocker's alot and now that it's cooling off we will spend more time on the front porch after dinner. I love sitting in them and admiring my garden work.

Beside my front door on the porch. Just a simple touch.

My table that sits between the rockers. Lots of fall freshness from the bush behind us. All natural decor outside!

The other side of my front door entry. I like to change this up every year.

Beside my garage when you pull in the drive way. Love the old wooden crow propped up on the cornstalks. It's like he's keeping watch over the yard.

And last but certainly not least my baby girl Jersey. She was standing on the porch of the playhouse I told her to sit and it was like she knew I wanted to take a picture of her. This is the best picture I have gotten of her so far. I love it. She makes a beautiful fall accessory to the playhouse!

Well that's it for outdoor decor. I would love to do more but then I spend alot of time taking it all down. We'll see what happens this weekend when I am bored. Might have to come up with something to greet the people who use the backdoor!

I am hosting thanksgiving for my husband's side this year and I can't wait to set the table and put it all together. It's going to be so much fun. We usually have buffet style and sit where you want but this year I am changing it up and we are all going to be around the table together!

Have you all decorated outside for fall yet?

Get out and enjoy this beautiful weather!

Have a good one!


Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Decor Part 2...................

So I have been lucky to be able to take some more indoor fall decorating that I have finished up! I haven't yet finished outside, just got started on the weekend and have yet to get my pumpkins & mums. I plan to finish that this week sometime.

I purchased a new pumpkin at Christmas Tree store over in Michigan on Friday and I only paid $9.99 for it. Of course they only had one of the orange or I would have bought more, I looked every where to see if there was any other sizes but this was it. It's sitting on my hearth behind my bean pot. I absolutely love it!

Here's a close up of my new pumpkin!

I added some bittersweet & pinecones to my old doughbowl filled with dried gourds for my livingroom coffee table.

Next is my windowsil in the kitchen. I love my piggy cutting boards so I kept them up for fall and just decorated around them. Love the wheat!!! Its one of my favorite things in the summer to be able to go out and cut some.

My small display on the fridge. Just added some bittersweet and indian corn.

My ironing board in my gathering room.

This is on my 12 gallon crock in my gathering room next to the couch.

Here's the whole wall that my ironing board is on. Can't wait to decorate it for Christmas!

This was on my livingroom table but I now have it on my bench in my 4 season's room instead. So people can feel welcomed when they enter.

My new pumpkin stitched pillow that I bought in Shipshewana in August when I went. I love it.

This is a display I set up on my cheese boxes next to my old round back chair. Love the gourd, picked it up at Hobby Lobby this past Friday as well as the acorns. And cut some fresh mums from my garden.

My corner cupboard display! Love the chandlier above with the lit candles.

Well that's it for my next round. I will show some pics of the sunroom once it's complete as well as my out doors! I love this weather and have spent alot of time outside doing yard work and cleaning up my flower beds. I hope to get all my stuff split that needs to be done this week and finish my decorating. I don't think I have ever been this late decorating outside but I wanted to wait for the cool weather to come so my pumpkins don't rot out on me!

Hope you all are loving this weather and can get out and enjoy it!

Have a great day


Monday, September 12, 2011

Some Fall Decor Part 1.........

Good Morning everyone, hope everyone had a great Labour Day weekend and I honestly can't believe it's almost the middle of September. Fall is beginning slowly. The pumpkins are being harvested, the corn is beginning to turn, the tobacco is being hung and soon the barns will be lit to send a wonderful smell through the air! I love this time of year and being able to leave the windows open to let the cool fresh air come in after having the house closed up with the air on.

I have began decorating for fall inside. Just finished up my upstairs livingroom and kitchen on the weekend. I have my 4 season's room left to do as I love to put the real stuff out there and also my outside. I try to wait until the middle of September to do this so my pumpkins don't go bad and I have to get new ones! My kids are pumped this year for Halloween and my son's birthday this year is going to be at our Annual Harvest Party so I am slowly preparing for that.

First is my fireplace mantle and hearth that my husband built me last year, this is the first time I got to decorate it for fall!! It took me a bit to find some stuff I really liked to add to it. But finally I am very happy with how it has turned out!

My gourd garland that my son and I created. He drilled all the horse chestnuts and I strung them on with the gourds!!! He loved helping me. My daugther was there to help me collect all the nuts!

Close up of the hearth!

Close up of the mantle!

My corner cupboard in the livingroom. I love the prairie doll and pumpkin hooked rug!

This is my table bench, I need to re-paint it as the colour of it I don't like. But just something simple as that is where we eat so it needs to be easy to move everyday!

My old writing desk. It's a amazing what a little bit of bittersweet can do to a display!

My hutch with my new yellow cupboard. Love how this display turned out.

My stoveboard. I think this is my favorite display yet!!! Love the old pumkin molds

I love the acorns as well got them last year up at a little shop in the town I live in!

Well that is it for my post of my fall decor part 1. I took lots of pictures but once I got them on the computer I didn't like them so much so I need to work on that alot. Got a new camera but just need to know how to work it properly!!

Hope everyone can get outside and enjoy this beautiful weather! I know I will!

Have a good one!