Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Decor Part 2...................

So I have been lucky to be able to take some more indoor fall decorating that I have finished up! I haven't yet finished outside, just got started on the weekend and have yet to get my pumpkins & mums. I plan to finish that this week sometime.

I purchased a new pumpkin at Christmas Tree store over in Michigan on Friday and I only paid $9.99 for it. Of course they only had one of the orange or I would have bought more, I looked every where to see if there was any other sizes but this was it. It's sitting on my hearth behind my bean pot. I absolutely love it!

Here's a close up of my new pumpkin!

I added some bittersweet & pinecones to my old doughbowl filled with dried gourds for my livingroom coffee table.

Next is my windowsil in the kitchen. I love my piggy cutting boards so I kept them up for fall and just decorated around them. Love the wheat!!! Its one of my favorite things in the summer to be able to go out and cut some.

My small display on the fridge. Just added some bittersweet and indian corn.

My ironing board in my gathering room.

This is on my 12 gallon crock in my gathering room next to the couch.

Here's the whole wall that my ironing board is on. Can't wait to decorate it for Christmas!

This was on my livingroom table but I now have it on my bench in my 4 season's room instead. So people can feel welcomed when they enter.

My new pumpkin stitched pillow that I bought in Shipshewana in August when I went. I love it.

This is a display I set up on my cheese boxes next to my old round back chair. Love the gourd, picked it up at Hobby Lobby this past Friday as well as the acorns. And cut some fresh mums from my garden.

My corner cupboard display! Love the chandlier above with the lit candles.

Well that's it for my next round. I will show some pics of the sunroom once it's complete as well as my out doors! I love this weather and have spent alot of time outside doing yard work and cleaning up my flower beds. I hope to get all my stuff split that needs to be done this week and finish my decorating. I don't think I have ever been this late decorating outside but I wanted to wait for the cool weather to come so my pumpkins don't rot out on me!

Hope you all are loving this weather and can get out and enjoy it!

Have a great day



  1. Hi Lynnly, Love your fall displays, partial to the big pumpkin in your wood bowl. Fall is my favorite time to decorate, have fun, hope your family is doing well. Hugs Vicky

  2. Lynnly your home is absolutely gorgeous decorated for Fall. You have done a great job putting all the displays together!!! Hope you have a great week.


  3. You have some beautiful things for your home...I love the shape of the tall Pumpkin...very unique. All just gorgeous.