Monday, September 12, 2011

Some Fall Decor Part 1.........

Good Morning everyone, hope everyone had a great Labour Day weekend and I honestly can't believe it's almost the middle of September. Fall is beginning slowly. The pumpkins are being harvested, the corn is beginning to turn, the tobacco is being hung and soon the barns will be lit to send a wonderful smell through the air! I love this time of year and being able to leave the windows open to let the cool fresh air come in after having the house closed up with the air on.

I have began decorating for fall inside. Just finished up my upstairs livingroom and kitchen on the weekend. I have my 4 season's room left to do as I love to put the real stuff out there and also my outside. I try to wait until the middle of September to do this so my pumpkins don't go bad and I have to get new ones! My kids are pumped this year for Halloween and my son's birthday this year is going to be at our Annual Harvest Party so I am slowly preparing for that.

First is my fireplace mantle and hearth that my husband built me last year, this is the first time I got to decorate it for fall!! It took me a bit to find some stuff I really liked to add to it. But finally I am very happy with how it has turned out!

My gourd garland that my son and I created. He drilled all the horse chestnuts and I strung them on with the gourds!!! He loved helping me. My daugther was there to help me collect all the nuts!

Close up of the hearth!

Close up of the mantle!

My corner cupboard in the livingroom. I love the prairie doll and pumpkin hooked rug!

This is my table bench, I need to re-paint it as the colour of it I don't like. But just something simple as that is where we eat so it needs to be easy to move everyday!

My old writing desk. It's a amazing what a little bit of bittersweet can do to a display!

My hutch with my new yellow cupboard. Love how this display turned out.

My stoveboard. I think this is my favorite display yet!!! Love the old pumkin molds

I love the acorns as well got them last year up at a little shop in the town I live in!

Well that is it for my post of my fall decor part 1. I took lots of pictures but once I got them on the computer I didn't like them so much so I need to work on that alot. Got a new camera but just need to know how to work it properly!!

Hope everyone can get outside and enjoy this beautiful weather! I know I will!

Have a good one!



  1. Lynnly~
    Beautful home~ love your displays, the fireplace is stunning~ wow, Great Job by Hubby~ Wow!!!
    Very inspiring~

  2. I love those old pumpkin molds and all your decorating looks great. I strated, but have not taken pictures yet. Can't wait for part II

  3. Everything looks wonderful! Love your header photo with the tree too! You have a beautiful home.

  4. Wow, so many beautiful touches.
    You have s many different gourds...I love them.