Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More Fall Decor Inside & Out!

On Saturday afternoon I finally got around to completing my diningroom table in my 4 season's sunroom. That is where we dine for family functions as we have so much more room in there. I enjoy having the table out there alot.

So take a look at my pics of my tablescape for fall!

My turkey I purchased at Home Goodes. I have been looking for one for a while now and finally found one that was a little more prim than some of them.

My table consists of one large white pumpkin, one small orange pumpkin, gourds, fake acorns (i purchased at Hobby Lobby), pinecones, little tarts filled with putka pods, a brown crock filled with fall foilage that smells wonderful and 2 pewter candles stick holders with cinnamon covered tapers.

Isn't my turkey the cutest! I usually find them a very ugly bird at least the Tom's are when they are strutting (this is what they do when they are trying to pick up a Hen). Good thing men don't look like then when they are trying to pick a women b/c it would be a huge turn off! LOL!

Ok I have a little story to tell you we live out by a small zoo which they have turkey's in a large fenced in area. Well this past summer we were out there for my husband's parents 30th anniversary party. With my son being the big turkey hunter he thinks he is (keep in mind he's 6) he started acting like a female turkey (a hen) and was making the noise of one well let me tell you the 3 male's went crazy and were struttin their stuff. I found out after watching them that when they strut their beards turn bright red from when they aren't strutting they are blue. It was really neat to see them like that but man are they ugly!

That is why I wanted to make sure my turkey was cute, not ugly!

Another shot with the candles going. Is so pretty out there this time of year!

Now we move to the Out Door's or should I say back door. With me hosting Thanksgiving this year everyone uses the backdoor. No one ever comes on the front porch to enter my home so I thought yesterday I should do something to the backdoor and have it festive to match when you come in the house. So this is what I came up with. I could decorate all day with fall stuff it's so much fun especially when you live in the country and have access to mother nature!

I had to get a yellow mum, it's just gorgeous and so vibrant at the backdoor and lots of different pumpkins and gourds!

Doesn't that squash look cool, its in the shape of the pumpkin but is all rough. I love the different items that you can get for the fall.

So that is the finish to my fall outdoor decorating. Just a small little gathering to greet all whom enter at my backdoor!

Hope everyone enjoys this beautiful time of year! Pretty soon the leaves will all have fallen and mother nature will be sprinkling the white stuff on us!

Have a blessed day!



  1. Hi Lynnly, Love your tablescape. I love white pumpkins and the turkey is really cute. I like the way you use your mums and pumpkins together. I am going next week to find some mums and pumpkins, I have a blue wagon thought I would put a few pumpkins and mums in it. Looks like you have been having a lot of fun decorating for fall. Hugs. Vicky

  2. Beautiful displays inside and out!

  3. Hi Lynnly, I enjoy coming here and especially now with all your beautiful Fall decor out and displayed to perfectly.