Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring Is Slowly Arriving.........................

Well this morning as I was getting ready for work I heard the wonderful song of my first Robin. I called my kids up stairs to see the 2 Robin's sitting in the tree's. Every Spring I always let the kids know when Spring is getting near and the Robin's will be re-locating back to our neighbourhood. So this morning once I heard the bird singing I called the kids to come see it. They were so excited to see the birds come back that they made us late from leaving the house!

Ah it makes me feel refreshed to know that these little guys are back.......

And these will soon turn into...................................

this beautiful bunch of bright yellow daffodils. One of my favorites!

Another one of my tulips. I love these and yellow and have them planted in my gardens.

Soon I will be able to venture out and cut some forsythia brances to force them open in doors. Linda from Behind My Red Door taught me about this and for the past 2 years I have been doing this.

And all the new babies that have been waiting to arrive all winter will finally show their beautiful faces and we'll see all these cuties around. I love baby animals!

Well wishing you all very blessed Spring Day! It's suppose to be a high of 16 degree's here today so I think I will be out walking today!

What a wonderful feeling that Spring is starting to arrive. I have slowly began to get my spring decor out but now that it feels like Spring is here I think I will pull my Easter decor our since Easter is only a month away!

Have a blessed day everyone!