Monday, January 30, 2012

Colonial Floor Cloth

Well after much thought about creating my own colonial floor cloth I finally got busy doing it last weekend. I didn't take any pictures as I just wanted to get it completed b/c it caused my house to be upside down for a while.

Country Sampler has the DIY colonial Floor Cloth created by Janice from Stairway to Home instructions on their website & also Debra from Black Creek Colonial has created one herself. And I totally agree with those Ladies about them not being the easiest. It was fun though when the project was completed and now I can sit and look at it knowing that I created it all on my own. I will love it once we have the carpet ripped out and hard wood put down that I am hoping happens with in the next couple of months.

So take a look at my newest creation! I even think I might try to make a runner for my hallway eventually.

So do you all have snow in your neck of the woods??? We got hit twice this weekend with a blast but not a big one. And tomorrow it's suppose to be a high of 8 degree's so I know it will be gone with the rain that comes. I am enjoying the winter as I don't like the cold and we haven't had much cold weather!

Ground Hog day is on Thursday so lets hope there is only 6 weeks until Spring!!! And hopefully this Spring is a good one unlike last year but winter hasn't felt near as long as last year's did!!!

I am looking forward to getting outside and into my flower beds and seeing all the beautiful spring flowers pop up!

Have a great day everyone!


Friday, January 13, 2012

Some snow, a new purchase and my creations!

The weather people said we were going to get about 5 cm of snow Thursday night and it would taper off through the night. Sure................well its Friday night and still snowing and we have about 5 inches so far. Sometimes I really wonder if they know what is going to happen as Mother Nature works in her own way. Although I really enjoyed the weather that we have been having for almost the middle of January I am enjoying seeing everything covered with a beautiful touch of whiteness and forget the blah brown's that the winter months bring us. I do know this winter is going to pass fast as it's already the middle of January and we are just having our first snow fall.

My children were very excited to wake up and find the ground covered. My daugther who is four asked if we could go out and build a snowman when it was still dark out and I could see some grass. My son was up before me and told me to look out the front window that he had spotted a huge snow drift in the front yard! Huge well I have seen alot bigger but now we have some pretty big snow drifts to play in.

Ok so I started this post on Friday night expecting to take some pictures of the beautiful snow fall we had but time got the best of me and I didn't get outside, now it's Tuesday and pouring rain and 90% of our snow is gone and it's 7 degree's outside so no more snow for us. I really do wish Old Man Winter would decide to stay until at least the middle of February because I am tired of this crappy weather.

On a brighter note I got a new drop leaf table on the weekend and I love it, I put it between my front door and front window so I can set up some vignettes for all the season's. I really like it and how I have it decorated. I was also inspired from Janice over at Stairway to Home to create some silhouettes of my children. I have always liked the silhouettes and wanted to create some but never thought to do my kids. Now that was a fun experience because my daughter is such a ham and wouldn't sit properly for me. It was a challenge but finally she sat long enough for me to snap a profile pic of her.

I also created some colonial style portraits. Being from Canada I found a picture of Sir John A MacDonald an old primeminister. And some other photo's. I can't find portraits over here of colonial style so I decided to create my own. They aren't hung yet as I have to re-arrange some things but hopefully this week I will get them up.

Some day I hope to have the real deal but my husband and I decided to put ourselves on a budget for a while so that doesn't allow me much spending money!

Well hopefully you are all enjoying this lovely raining weather! I prefer snow over rain that I guess is coming tonight along with the cold weather again. I sure hope so.

Have a good one!