Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall Outdoor Decor

Well Saturday ended up to be a gorgeous day so I put on my rubber boots and went out and began my decorating for fall. I enjoyed it alot being out soaking up the sun knowing that pretty soon we won't be outside with short sleeves on and enjoying the warm sun.

First pictures are of my daughter's play house. She loved that I decorated it for her.

The window box was so much fun to be creative with!

Sideview of the playhouse. Got the old wagon from my parents neighbor.

Close up of the window box, you can see me in the window which wasn't suppose to happen but it was so sunny out that I couldn't see the pics on my camera all that well until I got in and put them on the computer!

Next is my front flower bed by the road that everyone see's as they drive bye. It's always a fun place to decorate.

My rusty old wheelbarrow that I filled with some pumpkins, gourds & a nice orange & burgundy mum! Like the bee skeep in there just to add another colour.

Close up of the rusty wheelbarrow filled up with delicious fall eye candy!

My front porch, we sit in these rocker's alot and now that it's cooling off we will spend more time on the front porch after dinner. I love sitting in them and admiring my garden work.

Beside my front door on the porch. Just a simple touch.

My table that sits between the rockers. Lots of fall freshness from the bush behind us. All natural decor outside!

The other side of my front door entry. I like to change this up every year.

Beside my garage when you pull in the drive way. Love the old wooden crow propped up on the cornstalks. It's like he's keeping watch over the yard.

And last but certainly not least my baby girl Jersey. She was standing on the porch of the playhouse I told her to sit and it was like she knew I wanted to take a picture of her. This is the best picture I have gotten of her so far. I love it. She makes a beautiful fall accessory to the playhouse!

Well that's it for outdoor decor. I would love to do more but then I spend alot of time taking it all down. We'll see what happens this weekend when I am bored. Might have to come up with something to greet the people who use the backdoor!

I am hosting thanksgiving for my husband's side this year and I can't wait to set the table and put it all together. It's going to be so much fun. We usually have buffet style and sit where you want but this year I am changing it up and we are all going to be around the table together!

Have you all decorated outside for fall yet?

Get out and enjoy this beautiful weather!

Have a good one!



  1. What beautiful pictures Lynnly. Everything looks so fresh and crisp! Fall offers such beautiful colors to decorate with.

    Jersey is quite photogenic. She looks right at home on the playhouse stoop!

    Have a blessed day,

  2. The yard looks amazing! Now coem over and do mine please. :) LOL!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  3. Lynnly I was drooling on the forum & still drooling! Love your displays~

  4. Hi Lynnly, Love how you decorated your daughters playhouse. The displays in the wagons and wheelbarrel are really nice, love pumpkins. I am planning on starting my outdoor decorating next week. Take care. Vicky

  5. Your fall decor looks wonderful, love all the prim touches! Thank you for sharing.

    Your new follower,


  6. stunning decor, thanks for sharing!