Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What Love Means to me...............

What does love mean to me? Well it means alot of different things to me for instance you can love in so many different ways and sometimes you think how can you possibly have enough love for everyone in your life?? Well that is simple because you love everyone differently. Like the love for your husband or wife is different love than what you have for your children!

I have a story about love that recently happened to me. I was over at my parents and my husband called me as he was at a meeting. I talked to him and then hung up. My dad said "how come you didn't say I love to him when you hung up?" "Well every time I talk to him I don't say I love you, I never have it's just not a word that I want to throw around all the time." "I like to use it when I feel it most and it to mean something when it comes out." Love to me is a very serious word and should mean something when you say it.

I always love when my daugther comes and up and says "I love you mom!" or my son before he goes to bed gives me a big hug & kiss and says "I love you mommy!" It just makes my heart melt!

The pictures below represent love to me!

Hope you all can find a little love in your life to share! As we always have some to give!

Thanks Dan over at Yesterday Once More for such a great idea!

Love is the best gift!

Have a good one!


  1. I too agree love is a strong word with many different meanings.Maybe it is our age, but my hubby and I always say we love you on the phone in case it is the last time we ever talk (God forbid!!) I know too many people who have suddenly lost loved ones and wished those were the last words they said. And besides, after 35 + years of marriage, our love is even stronger now!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by! HUGS!!

  2. Hi Lynnly,

    We are getting a lot more snow Tuesday into Wednesday as well so our totals are going to be even worse. It is so deep the kids can't even walk in it around here. It's up to my hips!! I don't mind snow but when it is this bad and this dangerous, it kind of gets old!! ( or maybe it's me that is gettingnold! LOL) stay safe this week! HUGS