Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More Christmas Decor

This is the last of my Christmas decor that I thought I would show everyone. I am hoping that this weekend I can get it all put away and the house cleaned and back to normal. I am looking forward to having everything all crisp and clean and un-cluttered, even though I love the christmas stuff but having it up since November 12th is long enough for me.

So we start off with some jar's I made that went up the stairs to the bedrooms. I got this idea from Char over at The Pickled Pepper Patch and I thought they turned out pretty good and looked awesome at night with candles in them.

Next is my little table that we eat at. Just did something simple here. Love the pantry cakes and can't wait to make more with my new molds!!! I love making them.

Next is my new cupboard that just got put up before fall, so this is my first year to get to decorate it inside. I left it closed for the fall and just decorated the top but decided to open it for christmas, I am sure it will end up closed again after the holidays. You can also see my beeswax belsnickle up on top I got from Melissa at Farm Field Primitives.

The old pair of ice skates are my husband's uncles from when he was a little boy. His Aunt wanted me to have them as she knows how I love and appreciate anything old.

My new blanket crane as well, love how it looks!!!

My cheese basket from Pam at basketsnprims, she does such a beautiful job weaving baskets. What a great talent to have!

My husband's old school desk that I re-painted flat black but have to distress it yet and my neighbour's 52 year old tool box he gave me. Told me that he built it when he was 16 in shop class. I love it!

My new prim 7ft tall twiggy tree, best investment yet. I love it and it is so nice to have a slim fit fit tree that doesn't take up so much room. Going to think about getting another one for the family room downstair's. I love it. Grunged the santa hat on top and added the sign for something different then an angel or star on the top. I liked how it turned out!

You can also see in the picture of my tree that I did some stenciling. I think it turned out really good and actually didn't think it was as hard as I thought it would be. Kind of fun actually going to probably work on some more this winter and do my hallway! Also want to make some gameboards since I got the stencil and maybe even a floor cloth??? Hmmm decision's, decision's!!! Guess I have some projects ahead of me!

This is my $10 farm table that I bought with my $20 one. They matched other than I had to have my husband put a new top on this one because it was just sheet of plywood on it for the top. I had my friend build me the shelf to add to the top so I can display my primitives on it instead of on my counter. My kitchen is small and actually this comes in handy when I need alittle extra counter space. I love it and think it really add's to kitchen!

Well we are back out in the 4 season's room once again and this is a picture of my hutch out there. I have in mind to paint it barn red and distress it because it blends in with my pine walls. Once again there is another project for me but it wouldn't take to long. Then I think my stuff would stand off it much better.

My large tree that I think turned out pretty good, added tons of coloured lights to it and orange slices with my homemade candycanes. I love it and never thought I would like the coloured lights until I seen them on Kath "The Olde Wheeping Cedar" tree in Country Sampler. It just brought back so many memories from when I was little with all the coloured lights.

This is a sign I made from old barn board. Never thought I would be able to stencil but it's not to bad. I enjoyed making them.

My spoon rack that my friend bought me as I traded items with her, she always like to go through my stuff before I take it to good will and this time she came out with some pretty good things so she bought me this in return. Thanks Mel.

My new water pump I got at an antique store here. I wanted one for so long to add to my dry sink.

So here's my bowl rack and dry sink in my 4 season's room. I don't mind it but I don't love it either???? Might not stay there? Once Christmas is over then I can move some things around.

Thanks for stopping by the Hoskins' Homestead! Wishing you all a Happy New Year!
My next post will be of some great finds I have gotten over the past year!
Have a good one!


  1. You have a very nice blog,Looking forward to getting to know you.

  2. Thanks Audrey, I am new and love the blogging world b/c I am always checking out everyone else's blog so I thought I should start my own.
    Thanks for stopping by!