Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Holidays are coming to a close

I can't believe how quickly the holiday's have come and gone. New Year's is just around the corner and I am so looking forward to the beginning of a new year. This year for Christmas morning was a blast, my daughter is just starting to understand who Santa is and had so much fun opening all the present's he brought her. My son well needless to say he was opening stuff before dad even got out of bed because he was so excited to get his new toy gun that he had santa to bring him. It was so much fun to see the looks on their faces and how happy they were to receive the items they did.

Hopefully everyone else had a nice holiday. We shared Christmas Eve at my sister's with my family. Christmas morning after opening presents here we went to my in-laws for Christmas brunch, then late afternoon we came home, I put the turkey in the oven and we were joined by my parents and grandpa for a nice Christmas Dinner. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Well I promised everyone I would show some pic's of my fire place mantle my hubby built me out of old barn board!! So here they are. He did such a great job even though he doesn't seem to think he did but I love it and I love how I can move it anywhere in the livingroom, doesn't always have to be in the same spot every year or if I get tired of it I can put in the garage for like the summer or something. I love it and am so thankful he built it for me.

Well I will be back with more holiday pic's coming soon!
See ya soon!

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