Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Great Giveaway!

In honor of the arrival of Spring, and to thank all of the followers of our new A Primitive Place Magazine blog, APP is having a very special blog giveaway! The winner will receive one of these wonderful tobacco baskets made just for the winner by our friend Pam from BasketNPrims. This 14" basket is based on the larger style once used to carry tobacco to market

So go on over to A Primitive Place to sign up for the giveaway! You click on this link http://aprimitiveplacemagazine.blogspot.com/ to be entered. Make sure to read the rules as they are pretty simple!!!


  1. Wonderful giveaway. Thanks for spreading the news!

  2. I agree with Audrey, it is a great giveaway and pam does such AWESOME work!!!
    I love your blog and joined it. I am a proud member of APP and have every magazine and will be ordering my next 4 issues!

    Your kiddo's are so cute. Our sons is 19 yrs.old and is in College and is an A student and works par time... and our youngest is 16 yrs.old and is in High School 10th grade and has all A's and loves to be in Drama, and he is looking into graphic design, never to young in this day and age to know what you are want to do and what College you are looking into. We are very proud parents. I am sure you feel the same with you son and daughter. I think being parents is the hardest best most awarding job the Lord could give us and in this crazy time in the world we live in, we are so grateful they are turning into the young sweet men that we worked so hard for!

    I don't know about you but I can't wait for Spring time to come. They are saying snow tomorrow night into Friday but it will melt fast, thank goodness!
    I hope you stop by my blog and read about my family and some posts so you can get to know me.

    I will be back,love your blog!!!
    Spring Blessings,

  3. Thanks so much for posting Lynnly!

    It has been wonderful here and nice and dry for Lili to play outside but We are expecting anywhere from 1 to12 inches of snow Thursday to Friday! UGH!!! I am thinking positive for the 1 inch!!