Monday, June 20, 2011

Garden Photo's Part 3

Ok so I lied, I decided to take some more pics of garden's and things that I have in my gardens on the weekend. I love being outside and enjoying this beautiful weather!

The first picture is of my home! It's not my dream home but it's working well to make our dreams come true and I have made our house our home! I like to make it warm and welcoming where you can enter as a stranger but leave as a friend!

My little toad stools that my daughter won at a craft show! The lady through in the lady bug for free for Avery.

My garden flag that I change up with the ever changing season's that we have in Southern Ontario!

This split rail fence is the one that was in the Spring Edition of A Primitive Place Magazine! I also like to change it up with the season's! Can't wait to decorate it for Fall! My favorite time of the year!

All I can say is I love Prim Bird Houses!!!!

This is my daugther's little garden that she kind of takes care of!!! She likes to help water flowers!

One of my many hosta beds!!!

My heart shaped basket holder that I bought years ago in Shipshewana.

Ok so I woke up Saturday morning early because Friday night I drove by an old house and seen a sign that said Yard Sale Tomorrow. So of course I wanted to get there early. Ha I was the first one there and they were just bringing stuff out. So I stuck around and waited. Picked up this old barrel which works perfect for my basket of flowers and the old oil can along with another watering can and old rusty bucket all for $10. Love the old barrel it's my favorite!

My old strawberry baskets from my grandpa! Filled with marigolds and salvia!

And last I made all my kids sit so I could get a good picture of them, my daughter as you can see likes to make funny faces. So that was the best I could get while the dog sat still!

Well that's it and I will be back with one more garden post as my hubby has let me add another bed into our back yard. I wanted some peonies and also to make it a little easier for him to cut the grass around the back patio so I told him what I was thinking and he was fine with it!!! So hopefully tomorrow night I can get him to put in the split rail for me then I can work my magic once again!!!

I hope to get some pictures of my new goodies soon! But it won't be until I can stay inside long enough to take them!!!

Have a great day!



  1. Hi,Lynnly
    your home is so pretty!Looks so inviting~ love all the garden pictures~ the fence is just so prim perfect!!
    Thanks for stopping by & leaving such kind comments~hugs to you!!

  2. Hey Lynnly!! Looks great, I wanted to let you know that Lori and I are having an open house on July.14th at 7pm if you are interested in coming to Essex! If you are interested please let me know and I will email you my address, it would be sooo cool if you could come, Marlynn will be here from the old country cupboard too.
    Thanks Heather

  3. Oh my Lynnly love the old barrel you found looks great with the geraniums in it. I love the split rail fence, adds just the right touch to your flowers. Hey not living in my dream home either, its a 1950 ranch style house, but its paid for. I would love to have an old farm house, just not going to happen, but its home, raised our kids here. I always look forward to seeing your blog come up. Can't wait to see your new flower bed, it will be beautiful I know. You have a knack. Vicky

  4. Love all of your pictures! Your children are so cute :) Always nice to have another garden, can never have too many of them! I just picked up a wooden barrel like yours this weekend at an I have an idea of what to do with it :D Hope you are having a great week. Looks like Ontario is going to be wet for a few days, so seeing your beautiful outdoor pictures have cheered me up!
    Take care, Trish

  5. Your gardens, and your children, are gorgeous. I love so many of the things you did. I have become a follower

  6. Hi Lynnly!...oh my your gardens are STUNNING! can tell that alot of love goes into them.

    I just wanted to stop by to say "thank you" for the kind words about my summer decorating.

    Have a most joyous weekend!