Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Last Garden of the Year!

Well I have completed my last flower bed for the season. Unless I can talk my husband into another one but we have some other things that need to be done so I will leave him unlone for the rest of this season. It turned out really well and all I have to say is I had 2 swollen hands from digging up all that grass. My arthritis isn't a fan of gardening but I am not giving it up no matter how much I suffer afterwards. That's what pain medicine is for right!!

Anyways take a look and let me know what you think of my new bed!!!

My welcome basket as you enter the backyard from the patio. My marigolds are doing great this year!!! Hope they keep it up!

If you have never had these straw flowers you should really try them. I think they are the neatest thing. My son picked them out. When it's cloudy they don't fully open up but when the sun is out they are out in full. The petals don't really die off and if they do they are underneath so you never see them. Kind of cool.

I can't wait for my peonies to bloom next year. They are going to be beautiful. Light pink, white and fuscia.

The other side. Didn't want to put up both sides of split rail fence just incase someone or something had to get through that spot and then couldn't because of the fence.

Another view looking at my new fence and garden. It reallys finishes the patio off! Makes me smile looking at it!

My first Cana Lilies, they only get to be about 2 feet tall. I have always admired them but never really thought to plant them. So when I seen them at the greenhouse I thought I should try some this year.

My black eyed susan's that are annuals. These are one of my favorite flowers this time of year! They kind of make me think of fall looking at them!

My cast iron bean pot that I purchased at an Antique Store. I love using it outside in the summer and bringing it in, in the winter to sit on top of my woodstove filled with water, cinnamon, cloves & vanilla to send off a great aroma. If you haven't tried it you should.

Well I can tell you that my next post will be of my new items I have gotten the past couple of months!! Finally got around to taking them this am. So hopefully this week I can get them on here so you can see alittle bit of the inside of my home.

Have a great rest of the weekend! Canada Day is coming quickly and for you American's the 4th of July. So I am sure there is a lot of planning going on this week for big celebrations!

Enjoy & have a great week!



  1. Beautiful garden! I love the split rail fence and the lantern on top is the perfect accent for it.

    Have a great Sunday!

  2. I agree with Connie - love the fence like that - just perfect!!

    LOL I already take arthritis meds every day so when I garden, I really suffer as there is nothing to add on top. I don't do as much as I used to because of that. Need to be able to chase Lili and help my folks and doing photo shoots is a lot of work too so I pace myself now!!

    I'll enjoy watching your gardens grow instead!! <3


  3. I need to find me some straw flowers..they are great for drying. You have such a nice garden.

  4. Lovely garden and I really like your split rail fence! I will have to see if I can find some straw flowers around here, they are very nice. I really enjoyed your pictures, would love to have a garden like yours! Have a great week!


  5. Beautiful garden !Love the fence.It has been years since I grew straw flowers.Don't know why I stopped having them because I always loved them.Hugs,Jen

  6. Your gardens are so beautiful!! The split rail fence is my favorite it add the perfect touch to your new bed! Thank you so much for sharing these photos with us. I could come to your blog and look at your yard everyday! Enjoy your weekend!!