Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Some Garden Photo's Part 2

Good Morning again! Wow 2 post's in 2 days that's pretty good for me! Well since I feel like I live outside now I was out and about this am pretty early and thought I would take some more garden photo's of things I missed yesterday.

So I hope you enjoy another tour of my yard and my back patio!

This wheelbarrow is in my front flower bed that is up by the road! I got the old wheelbarrow from my parents neighbor she couldn't carry it anymore so she purchased a lighter one!

Welcome to my back patio! More geraniums, marigolds and purple salvia!

Need I say more!

My old wash tub! Love filling it with all that different seasonal decor!

This window box on my garage get's to be a pain throughout summer as anything I plant in it dries out so fast and I can never water it enough to keep it from looking horrible so I decided to just add items that would look good all summer long!

My old chair I picked up out of the trash on my way home from work! And a old coal bucket I picked up at an Antique store!

Well that's the end of my tour for today! I do have some more area's but need better lighting! So stay tuned for more garden pic's!

Wishing everyone a glorious day! Get out and enjoy the sunshine!

Have a good one,



  1. Hi Lynnly, Love your flowers, and your sitting area. I like how you had done the flower basket with the birdhouse and items in it. I have done the same thing. I had a wire basket hanging on the fence, could not keep a flower alive in it and the cats kept gettin in it, so I put a birdhouse and a little ceremic bird in it, think I will hunt a star to go in the back of the arrangement. Love the shutters with the star cutout. I always enjoying visiting your garden. Vicky

  2. Oh, it's just so beautiful Lynnly! Both part 1 and part 2 :)
    It's so very pretty in your gardens! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a wonderful week!♥

  3. Hi Lynnly, I think that window box idea is very clever!! I might need to try something like that in late summer when mine wilt all the time. Everything else looks great - love all the sweet prim touches. They add so much interest!! And we have twin coal scuttles with geraniums and marigolds! Yes indeed, you have great taste!! :-) Have a wonderful weekend!! Big hugs!!