Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Items that I won from The Keeping Room arrived

My Win from the Keeping Room Giveaway is here!!!!!

So two weeks ago I received a tag from the post office saying they had a package for me to pick up! Of course when I got it, it was already after 5 so I had to wait until the next morning to go pick it up!

I was so excited that I opened it as soon as I got in my van!!! The aroma that came out of the box was wonderful!

Look at all the wonderful homemade stuff from Lori & Heather aka The Keeping Room. A cute pillow tuck, candles wrapped in a little pocket!, 2 coasters, votives, prim soap and a prim book!!

I now have to get some free time to put it around my house!!!

Thanks girls for hosting such a great giveaway! And if you haven't yet go visit them over at the THE KEEPING ROOM! They have some great prim stuff for sale!

Well I have lots to share but I can't do that just yet as I need to re-organize. I have lots of new goodies to share. And had a wonderful trip to Shipshewana Indiana yesterday!!! Let's just say I came home with $10 so my money was well spent!! More on that later!

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather today after such a struggle with the heat the past couple of days!!!! Get out and enjoy this beautiful day!!!

I'll leave you with one last photo!!! My baby girl Jersey is getting so big, almost 13 weeks old already! She's doing well with training and is such a good girl. I was in our downstairs toy room the other day and happen to come upon a picture of our last chocolate lab when she was about Jersey's age now. I couldn't believe how much they look alike. We are blessed to have another beautiful chocolate lab!!

Have a good one!


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  1. Hi Lynnly, Love the items you got from the keeping room. I really like the little pillow tucks. Can't wait to see what new goodies you have. Your lab is really cute, we have a yellow lab, Sadie, she is six and she had puppies in february. We kept two of them, they were all black. The male is Cooper and the female is Jesse. My youngest son, Chris took the other female, Banjo to grow up with his new son, born 3 months early, Oliver, he is still in the hospital. Labs just make great pets for kids, love them. Thanks for dropping by my blog, I will be posting new goodies I have found this week. Take care, Vicky