Monday, June 20, 2016

It's been a long time........................

Well I never thought I would put my blog on the back burner but I have and I think its time to get back on the blogging bus & start sharing what I love to do! Things have been busy with life and the kids well they just keep growing.

We have added lots of new things to the yard plus changed things! If your a prim addict like me you'll understand that change is always occurring around our homes! I have discussed with my hubby that the flower beds are now complete in our yard and that there will be no more added. It's a lot of work for us and I usually spend May & June getting them all cleaned but it's what I love doing after a long cold snowy winter!

Today marks the first day of summer so with that I thought I would post some pictures from around our yard. I still have many more to take and will do that this week and add them at a later date (later not meaning 2 years from now!) but soon.

Enjoy your tour! There are many more to come!

From the Homestead,



  1. So glad your back Yay!!!!!
    Your yard is prim perfect and very welcoming.
    Love everything you did and inspiring.

  2. Happy to see your post today - your yard is SO nice!

  3. Everything is beautiful. Just a tip though, the Canada Flag should never touch the ground and yours looks like it might.