Monday, February 27, 2012

My Kitchen Re-do.........................

Well after much thought of hating my kitchen counter I decided to go ahead and paint it with the caromal colours. I painted it black peppercorn. I am really happy with the way it turned out but the paint it's self is like working with black tar. Karen from APP magazine did her counter top with the same colour. I really liked the black as my knobs & hardware are all black so I thought it would blend nicely. But once I got it down I wasn't overly impressed at how drastic the change was so I searched a few idea's of changing out my back splash. I was over at a friends in October and noticed she had put up a new back splash that looked like stone well come to find out it was wallpaper. So I went to the wall paper place and searched out a paper that I would like to put up.

Well take a look at my newly re-done kitchen. I find myself standing in the kitchen admiring how good it looks.

First is the before of just the counter top.

And here it is with the backsplash up..... much better don't ya think!

I am busy finishing up more painting and re-doing other rooms in the house. I also got my living room/dining room painted as well on the weekend. Used the same colours it just needed a fresh coat to clean things up!

Well I am off to re-arrange the livingroom decor and put things back together! I will share pics when it's all done!

Hoping you all have a blessed day!



  1. Lynnley, I love how your kitchen turned out. The black countertop is perfect with the cupboards. I keep trying to get up the nerve to paint my frig black with that caramol colors paint.
    Melinda from APP (we exchanged Christmas Cards last year)
    PS: Do you know you have that nasty word verification things on your blog? Blogger is making it so difficult to leave a comment with it, there are now two unreadable words to decipher, I removed mine.

  2. Lynnley,
    Your kitchen turned out beautifully. I have used Caramol colors on wood, but not on anything as big as counters.....great job.

  3. You did a great job! The wallpaper makes a big difference. Very nice. :)

  4. What a difference! I love it. I'd love to know how it is holding up for you. I might paint my bathroom counter. The off white is not doing it for me. Hugs!

  5. how did you do your brick backsplash! I love it!