Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas........and a huge congrats to my hubby!

Well this is just the beginning of my Christmas decor as I took a ton of pictures and I don't like a single one of them other than this one of my belsnickles that actually has changed since I took this photo so I will post all my new photos this week. I know it's a little late but I haven't had time to think let alone take photo's.

The photo above my mantle is from my grandma & grandpa, they had it up over there piano for years in the dinningroom and I always loved it! So my mom told me I could have it as my grandma is passed away and my grandpa just recently moved into the Long Term Care Home.

My husband is home and graduated from Police College on December 1st. It was a huge ceremony and there was 187 graduates from all over Ontario who graduated that day. They did marching and had a great Ontario Police Pipe Band play. We brought our kids and they loved watching their daddy march and be in his fancy uniform.

Here below is my hubby & myself at his swearing in ceremony at his Police Department that he was hired on for. He was grinning ear to ear waiting to be handed his badge.

Doesn't he look stunning in his uniform! This is his uniform that he would wear only for special occassion's not on a regular basis.

This is him and his chief who handed him his badge! He also gave a great speech that was very personable for both constables that were sworn in that day!

The kids and I are so proud of dad for graduating and acheiving such a huge accomplishment! These past 4 years have paid off and now our new future will begin with many great things to come!!! Looking forward to our new life together and moving on to create new dreams!

Here is my sister, her husband who was hired on 2 years ago with Ontario Provincial Police, my husband who is hired with Chatham Kent Police & myself. I said to my sister that day "8 years ago when we both got married would you have ever thought that our husbands would become Police Officers!" Never in a million years! But this is great for both of us!

Well hopefully most of you are finished your shopping and all ready for Christmas! Me on the other hand still have some gifts to purchase and things to make but will do that this weekend and next week!

Hopefully I can get back with one more post before Christmas of my decor!



  1. Lynnly~ pretty Mantel~
    Wonderful family photos~ Congrats to Hubby~ Way to go!!!

  2. Congrats to your hubby! That is an awesome achievement! Love the pics of the family.Great mantel display.Hugs,Jen

  3. WOOHOO!! Congrats to your husband!! What a tremendous accomplishmet! I still have a lot to do for Christmas too so you are not alone. Hopefully next week it will all be done!

    Love the family photos!! You have a beautiful family!! Merry Christmas from my home to yours!! HUGS!!

  4. Lynnly, please tell your hubby congrats to him from the McNally family.
    You can tell how PROUD he is and he should be, also I can see how proud you are of your husband.

    Your family is beautiful.

    I am glad you let me know that you did get my Christmas card.

    Christmas Blessings to your family from my family,
    Tricia XO

  5. Hi Lynnly,
    Oh what a proud day!
    And what a beautiful family you have. Gorgeous.

    Merry Christmas