Monday, February 21, 2011

New Items and Spring Fever..............

After such a beautiful day on Friday I was inspired to purchase some beautiful spring flowers to add to my hutch. My husband and I got outside on Saturday to do some yard work and clean up most of the christmas greenery. I noticed that my tulips and daffodils are peeking out of the dirt. I was so excited to see them. I love the spring when you see the new greens peeking through. Now I know for sure Winter won't be here much longer.

But when I woke up Sunday morning I heard the weather man say there was a winter storm watch out and that we were suppose to get 15 cm. So Sunday afternoon as we sit around and wait for the storm to hit it started around 3:30 pm. And it hit hard and quick. Our drive home wasn't so nice from the In-laws. This was from this morning on my way to work, a beautiful old house that I drive by every day.

And here is in front of our garage last night when we got home. It was snowing pretty hard. So much for seeing the nice green grass. But I heard that on Thursday it's suppose to be a high of 45 and rain so that will get rid of a lot of the snow hopefully.

Well on to something alittle less depressing. Last Saturday I went to an antique store about 45 minutes from my home. I didn't find a whole lot. I guess I didn't really need anything. But I did find this tiny crock bowl. Thought it would be so cute filled with fake strawberries come summer.

I love how tiny it is! And the ban around the centre that isn't painted. So cute! And for only $5.00.

And I found this large hog scrapper. Thought it was a good deal $2.00. I was lucky to find a ton of old christmas ornaments but didn't take a picture of them as I am done with Christmas so next Christmas is when I will get those back out and post about them. I am just collecting them as I find them. I love the old vintage ornaments they remind me of decorating my grandma's tree.

So this weekend I hit the craft store that is an hour away from home. She had just come home from the show in Pennsylvania with a lot of cash and carry stuff. She also told me that she seen the people from a Primitive Place magazine but didn't stop to talk to them. So I told her I would send her the link to the magazine so then maybe she will start carrying it in her store. She has finally come back with awesome goods. Stuff that you see in the magazines but no one will bring over here.
Here are a few of my items I purchased. One thing I am really excited about is that she is going to be bringing in Family Heirlooms table runners, table squares and lots of bedding and pillows!!!!! I can't wait. I love their stuff so much! So that will be in around April!!!!! Along with much more she ordered from vendors at the show!
Some strawberries!!! Thought these will be super cute for summer!

Primitive Easter Eggs. I love them. I should have bought one more then I would have had 5. I don't know what I was thinking because we usually decorate with odd numbers. Duh!!!! Oh well it will be on my list when I go back in a couple weeks I am sure! I put them in my weigh scale for now!

Here's a close up of them. Very prim! And I can leave them out all year round if I want!

Here is a candle board I bought. It's cute and plan on usually it on my dough board over the stove when I get that decorated for spring next week!

And a new mat to add with my spring stuff as well, once I decide to get it all out! Now that we have the snow I am not so inspired anymore.

Hope everyone is staying warm and safe! Keep praying for the nice weather to come! It will be here before we know it!!! I will be back next time with some spring vignettes!!!! I will be getting my spring decor out next week!!!! I can't wait!
Have a good one!


  1. What a great deal on the hog scraper!! A steal. All great finds but I think the bowl and prim eggs are my favs - then again the daffodils are pretty cheery - Come on spring!!

  2. Morning girl....ohhhh you keep that 'white' stuff up there with you...I want my Spring time! lol I love daffodils...I need to plant me some out back. You got some cute treasures..I went shopping this weekend and found loads of goodies! lol Oh my word girl...I read below that your garden was featured in a magazine...congrats sweetie that is awesome and the pic is gorgeous! Hope you see some sunshine this week...take care....Picket