Friday, July 22, 2016

Summer time at The Hoskins' Homestead

Well it's the 3rd week of July already and thinking only 1 week left is kind of crazy but I love the month of August and knowing that my favorite season is just around the corner makes me smile!
This year was a year of firsts for us at the Homestead, 1st year for having bunnies in our family, 1st year for a garden, 1st year to try canning pickles and salsa, 1st year to have wheat in the field behind us and 1st year that I was able to grow flowers from seeds and have fresh cut flowers out of my garden for in the house!

Looking forward to expanding the garden next year since this year has been such a success & trying out more canning. Hoping next year we'll be able to expand our little domestic farm by adding some laying hens!!

Avery with Lulu

Landon's Willow

My first bouquet of fresh cut zinnias

Enjoy your summer with family & friends!!! Pretty soon the snow will be flying and we'll be dreaming of warm weather!

From the Homestead,


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